8 Places to Go Fat Biking in Canada

Fat biking is the latest extreme sports trend to take Canada by storm. It allows adrenaline junkies to bike through different terrains, including snow. Here’s an introduction to fat biking and a list of locations in Canada where you can partake in this new activity.

What is fat biking?

A fat bike is an off-road bicycle fitted with oversized tires on wider rims. The thicker tires are designed for low ground pressure, which means they can be taken through soft unstable terrain, such as snow or sand. Although fat bikes have been around since the 20th century, fat biking has only recently become a popular winter activity. More bikes are being made that resemble common mountain bikes, and more fat bike-dedicated winter trails are being created across North America.

1.Horseshoe Resort

Located about a two-hour drive from Toronto, Horseshoe Resort has a nine-kilometer (5.5-mile) fat biking trail. Its website says that the trail allows riders “to experience the natural beauty of the Copeland” in an entirely new way. The trail is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders, and both trail passes and rentals are reasonably priced at this Ontarian resort.

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