Best Mountain Bike Trails in Florida

There are beautiful landscapes just waiting for you. It’s that time of year when the bikers come out in full Spandex and helmets. Get out your 12-pack of water and start picking out your granola bars, because it’s time to head out on the trails you’ll love the most.

Alafia River State Park

The Alafia River State Park is one of our very favorites. This Intermediate-level trail is a cool 14 miles long. This park’s singletracks are IMBA EPIC certified.

Varying areas of the park have different levels of difficulty. You can find a nice novice area (even easy enough for small children!) just as easily as you can find a highly advanced section. There are some easy loops, and the trails are clearly marked with directions.

The bathrooms have hot water, there are bicycle-rinsing stations, and why are you not already out here on these trails? You can look forward to a playground and a volleyball net when you need something different to do that’s still active, and if you need a break, there are plenty of shaded pavilions for you to rest under.

If you love this area as much as we do, you can even go camping here. If horses are more your speed, there are also equine trails you can give a go. The amenities provided really make this a stellar area to go biking in.

The parking fee is only $4 if you’re there by yourself, and only $5 for a car load of up to 8 people. Reasonable, right? There’s plenty of water if you find yourself unprepared for the summer heat, and they even have some areas that are great for biking off that winter fat.

If you need more resources for the area, you can look into Club SWAMP and also read up on the local bike shops, races, and other types of trails. Popular singletracks include Sand Pines, Moonscape, Buzzard’s Bay, Gatorback, Shelly’s Loop, Rollercoaster, Razorback, and Black Diamonds.

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