Top 10 Epic Nature Biking Trails


The Bergstadl Trail on Schattberg mountain is a treat for both enduro riders and freeriders! In addition to the Hacklberg Trail starting further above, it is one of Saalbach Hinterglemm’s flagships. With a gondola, you go up to 2,000 metres above sea level to the Schattberg-X-press mountain station. Then, there’s a short passage where you have to push the bike across to the Westgipfel summit. After about 300 metres, the Bergstadl Trail veers off the Hacklberg Trail as it winds through bend after bend, through a postcard idyll, to Bergstadl. It is a more demanding alternative to the Hacklberg Trail and offers numerous technical features. This trail offers everything: fantastic scenery and breathtaking views, roots, rocks, sharp bends and longer passages that can be taken in one go. A lot of minor, technical challenges imposed by this delightful nature trail require full concentration and riding skills.

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