Top 8 Mountain Biking Destinations in Georgia

Unlike pedaling on a paved trail or in a city bike lane, mountain biking really tests your skills and gets you out into the ruggedness of nature. However, there are excellent mountain biking trails for all skill levels, and you can make the sport as relaxing or adventurous as you like. With its many parks, forested areas, and varied terrain, Georgia is an awesome place to go mountain biking. Here are our favorite mountain biking spots in Georgia!

Blankets Creek, Woodstock

Located near Woodstock, Blankets Creek is one of the most highly rated trails in the state. It’s close to the Atlanta Metro Area, so lots of city-dwellers flock here on both weekdays and weekends. This is an intermediate singletrack trail system that has about 15 miles of trails. If you’re a beginner, pick one of the short and flat trails from the parking lot. But if you’re up for more of a challenge, go further into the woods to experience more rocks and jumps on the trail. Be mindful that these trails can get crowded, but it gets better once you get further from the parking lot. Good signage makes the trails great for first-time riders to this area.

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