4. Don’t let your gear hold you back

There are some great landscape photographers today shooting with nothing more than smart phones. This is not only a testament to the incredible advances in technology we enjoy today, but also to the creativity of the photographers who manage to capture breathtaking photos with simple gear.

While many landscape photography pros choose full frame camera bodies like the Canon 5D Mark IV, Sony a7R II, and Nikon D810 paired with ultra-wide angle lenses, you can still shoot great landscape images with just about any digital camera. Even if you’re using an affordable entry-level DSLR or mirrorless camera of any kind, you’ve got everything you need to take great landscape photos (as long as you have a decent lens, of course). I like to advise new photographers to only upgrade their equipment if they’re really finding themselves limited by their current gear. Don’t upgrade just because you think that your photos will look better if you use a more expensive camera — often, all you need to improve your landscape photography is just more practice and a better post-processing routine to make the most of the RAW files your camera is producing. Since landscape photography typically doesn’t involve shooting wide-open with fast maximum apertures, even cheaper kit lenses often work perfectly for shooting landscapes.

While wide angle lenses like the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L III certainly make it easy to photograph expansive scenic vistas in a single shot, clever photographers can adapt their photography workflow to make use of what they’ve got. For instance, even if you don’t have an ultra-wide angle lens and only have a 50mm lens, you can achieve similar results by shooting a few frames of a scene in a horizontal sweep and using software like Adobe Photoshop CC to quickly stitch them together into a wider panorama. Even when wide angle lenses are available, I often like to utilize this option to create even higher resolution images with incredible detail.

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