9 Totally Useful Photography Tips for Absolute Beginners

Photography is essentially a cameralight, and composition.

I’m not going to overwhelm you here because this article is for those who just want to understand some important fundamentals about photography, what it is and how it’s all put together.

So, Where Do You Even Begin?
Let’s Look at Some Basic Photography Tips for Beginners

1. Composition

Composition is the part of photography that you can learn without a camera. However since almost everybody on this planet has access to a camera or smartphone, it’s a good place to start for us here.

Correct composition is responsible for the placement of the subject (or point of interest) and proper placement of other elements in such a way that they will guide and aid the viewer into perceiving the photograph properly.

There are several rules for composition which you’ll need to learn. Of course, art doesn’t require rules, but you need to know them in order to know how to break them.

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