Great Tips For Taking Photos In Direct Sunlight

That is to say that if you can avoid taking pictures during times when the sun is at its brightest, then maybe you should. For example, if you can move your subject into the shade, then you could easily avoid the high contrast, the highlights that are all wrong, the strong shadows, the oversaturated colors, or the lens flaring. These are usually the problems that crop up when you take pictures under the direct light or rays of the sun.

There are times, though, when it is just inevitable and you would need to shoot under bright, glaring daylight. Perhaps the family is at the beach or you have a client that wants to shoot outdoors at noon. How are you going to do it?


1. Create your own shade

Another way to avoid direct sunlight is by creating your own shade. If you cannot move the subject into a shaded area, then you could just create it. You can use an umbrella, a big cardboard or just about anything that would cast a shadow on your subject and block out the intense light of the sun.

2. Move!

If you cannot move the subject, maybe you could move yourself so that you could take better photos. Changing your position would allow you to change the angle in which the light hits your subject. It could also allow you to get a better photograph by presenting your subject in another perspective. For example, instead of shooting a subject head on, you could crouch lower and shoot up. Or you could find an elevated platform and shoot down. Further, you could move around the subject and try shooting at different angles.

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