How to Choose Your First Filters (and Which Systems to Use)

Filters That Should be in Your Camera Bag

Choosing which filters to start with is just as big of a task as deciding which system to use. In fact, it’s probably more important as it’s the filters themselves that will have an impact on your images, not the systems.

There are more filters to choose between than what I’ve listed below, but these are the most common for landscape photographers:

Neutral Density Filters

The first option, and arguably the most popular amongst landscape photographers, are Neutral Density (ND) Filters.

These are darkened filters which reduces the amount of light reaching the sensor in a given amount of time, meaning you need to lengthen the shutter speed in order to get a correctly exposed image.

Neutral Density Filters come in several degrees of darkness (Yes, that’s yet another factor to take into consideration.) The most common are 3-Stop, 6-Stop and 10-Stop but there are both brighter and darker versions.

Confused? Read this article for a more in-depth explanation of how Neutral Density Filters work.

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