How to turn your DSLR into a full spectrum ‘super camera’

As both a techie and a photographer I love pushing the envelope of what is possible in digital photography. One of the most interesting intersections of these the interests has been the observation that images don’t need to be limited to visible light. Several years ago I had a Nikon D70 converted to be sensitive to infrared — allowing me to capture some amazing images of Cambodian temples and moody landscapes.

Wanting to go further, recently I tackled converting my Nikon D7000 into a full spectrum camera, which gave me the option of capturing either near infrared or visible light (or both). Switching between them is as simple as screwing in a different filter.

I wouldn’t recommend taking apart your primary camera, if the holiday season brought you a new model it might be time to experiment with your old one (like I did). While this article it not a full How To, it will walk you through IR shooting, the conversion, and the results.

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