The 10 Top-Rated Pet Surveillance Cameras to Keep an Close Eye On Your Pooch

Ask any pet-parent about the hardest thing they do everyday, and they’ll probably mention leaving their fur-baby home alone. Walking out, saying goodbye to their sweet faces – it’s hard to close the door, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Another reason it’s hard? You know that disaster can strike anytime: a nervous pooch could chew up your sofa; an energetic puppy can bounce into any number of messes; and a lazy dog could simply flop down, not to move until your arrival home.

These scenarios have sent your off on your hunt for the best dog monitor cameras – the best surveillance, the best motion detectors, the best activity monitors, the best automatic feeders, the best smartphone-controlled toys, the best pet collar cameras, the best everything, to be honest. Because when it comes to your pups, only the best will do.

We’ve compiled this list of the best dog cameras, with a sprinkling of other remote dog gadgets. It’s peace of mind, rolled into one simple list:

Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

If your pup hates being home alone, relieve some of the stress with Petcube, an interactive dog monitor camera that not only puts a visual on Fido, but also lets you talk and play with him, via a camera, microphone and toy laser you control with your smartphone.

Key features:

  • A wide-angle, HD lens lets you see your pets, no matter where they are; you can even share photos and videos
  • Two-way audio lets your pets hear your voice (and you to hear theirs)
  • Built-in laser toy gets your pets playing
  • iOS and Android compatible

Cost: $170

  1. Yooan Dog IP Camera


With clear 720p HD streaming video, 355º pan and 120º tilt, this dog monitor camera offers a superior field of view and good recording quality. The video doesn’t take up all your bandwidth, and yet offers full, remote access (even to zoom, tilt and pan) via your smartphone.

Key features:

  • Simple app is designed to be very easy to use, even if you’re not big on technology and smartphone apps
  • Incredibly easy setup via QR code scan or WiFi setup
  • 30-day warranty

Cost: $37

With clear 720p HD streaming video, 355º pan and 120º tilt, this dog monitor camera offers a superior field of view and good recording quality. The video doesn’t take up all your bandwidth, and yet offers full, remote access (even to zoom, tilt and pan) via your smartphone.

  1. Petzi Treat Cam

f you want to more than just have eyes on your pets, you’re going to love the Petzi Treat Cam, one of the best dog cameras on the market today. This smart device combines a camera and treat dispenser, so you can connect with your dogs – see them, talk to them, and reward them with a treat.

Key features:

  • Combination camera and treat dispenser, with high quality audio
  • Capture photos of your pet to share with friends and family, or share online
  • Petzi hooks in with your smartphone or tablet

Cost: $150

  1. Dogtek Eyenimal Camera with Built-In Night Vision

If you’ve ever wondered what the world looks like from a dog’s eye view, check out this very different kind of dog monitoring camera. See the world as your pup does, with this wearable, high-tech camera that sports built-in flash memory, night vision, 736x480p video, and autofocus, to record what your dog sees (and does).

Key features:

  • Choose from two recording modes: static or motion-detection
  • Autofocus CMOS sensor ensures a clear image, even in night-vision mode (up to 7 feet)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery affords 2.5 hours of recording time

Cost: $99

  1. Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

f you’re after more than just a camera to watch your dog, if you need to have it all and you need it to be tailored specific to pet-parents, the Pawbo delivers with high-def wireless cameras, two-way talk, a laser and sounds to get your pets playing, and a treat dispenser. It’s almost like you’re home with them (minus the snuggles).

Key features:

  • 720p streaming and two-way communication makes it easy to see and talk with your dogs
  • Video recording capabilities make it easy to download favorite videos into cloud storage
  • Get your pets moving with the built-in pet laser, sound effects, and treat dispenser
  • Share photos instantly via built-in social media options
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

Cost: $140

  1. PetChatz HD Two-Way Audio/Video

Stay connected with your pup while you’re away, thanks to PetChatz two-way chat and two-way video capabilities. Best-in-class interactive features outfit this dog monitor camera, then tack on a treat dispenser and calming scents, so your dog stays cool, calm and happy while you’re gone.

Key features:

  • Two-way video means you can see+hear your pup, and he can see+hear you!
  • Smartphone-connected treat dispenser that you can access from anywhere
  • If yo
  • MiSafes WiFi Pet Monitor
  • Vu sense your pets are stressing, dispense calming scents

Cost: $379

  1. Feed and Go

A different take on pet monitoring, this is a smart feeder: completely reliable, this food bowl can dispense wet or dry food, as well as treats, whenever you designate. And with the built-in webcam, you can check that Fido is fed and happy, although real-time notifications will automatically let you know when food and treats have been dispensed.

Key features:

  • 60-second WiFi setup
  • The only smart feeder to dispense wet food, dry food, treats and medication, in six compatments
  • Check in on your pets via the built-in webcam
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets

For additional options, see our list of The Best Automatic Cat Feeders.

Cost: $99

  1. MiSafes WiFi Pet Monitor

These security cameras do perfect double-duty as a dog surveillance camera, thanks to 720p wireless recording and streaming and two-way audio. Not only can you look in on your pets, but your cameras record them – never again wonder which pup shredded the sofa cushion! – and you can use the chat function to hear and be heard.

Key features:

  • See, listen and talk with your dogs – anywhere, anytime
  • Smart motion detection alerts your device, whenever it detects motion
  • 720p HD cameras, with 120º view and 360º rotation, for the highest quality videa
  • SD card support, so you can save all the sweetest moments

Cost: $40

  1. Plater® WiFi Video Pet Camera

This wireless camera system uses motion detection to record only where your dogs wander, and then employs two-way talk to let you comfort, encourage and otherwise interact. You can even here their happy barks, when they realize you’re just a smart app away.

Key features:

  • One-touch setup couldn’t be easier
  • Remote video and audio means you can not only see your pets, but also talk with them (and have them talk back)
  • Set your cameras to activate upon motion detection, so you only record when your pets are in the room

Cost: $30

  1. HawkCam Wireless Dog Monitor Camera

Ease of use is the name of the game with this wireless camera system, which employs 720p HD video, remote streaming, and audio functionality to deliver dog monitoring at a great price. You’ll deeply appreciate the lifetime warranty and, even better, that there are no subscription fees – ever.

Key features:

  • Watch and listen via your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • 5-minute setup is fast, simple and easy
  • Lifetime warranty

Cost: $54


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