Understand all of your options for focusing on a scene

When making the switch from point and shoot cameras to DSLRs, one aspect of the DSLR that can be confusing is learning how to achieve a sharp focus, because you have a few more options for setting the focus point with the advanced camera. You also almost certainly will have the option of focusing automatically or manually.

Try these seven tips to figure out how to use the DSLR’s various features to achieve sharp focus and the proper focal point.

Too Close to the Subject

One of the most common reasons for the DSLR camera’s autofocus to fail is because you are standing too close to the subject. It can be difficult for the autofocus to achieve a sharp result when you’re close unless you’re using a macro lens. With a typical type of DSLR lens you’ll have to move farther back from the subject or you could end up with a blurred focus.

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