Top 10 Most Popular Supercar Brands in the US

The study comes from, which sourced data from Facebook Audience Insights to determine the popularity of supercar brands around the world. Facebook Audience Insights provides data in two ways: raw fan numbers and fan concentration. Raw fan numbers are the number of fans from each country that interact with each supercar brand page, while fan concentration is the concentration of fans in each country that interact with a supercar brand page.

Naturally larger countries will have more Facebook users, so to get a better idea of how much a country likes each brand, fan concentration was used for this list. We reached out to the researchers who conducted the study hoping to get hard figures and data to support each automaker’s ranking, but unfortunately they were unable to provide it to us. You can however, view an interactive map below that breaks down how popular each supercar brand is based on raw fan numbers.


10. Ferrari

You might be surprised to hear Ferrari is in 10th place, considering how iconic the brand is. The company currently has quite the lineup of exotic offerings, including the 488 GTB, 812 Superfast, California T, and GTC4Lusso. The Italian automaker is also celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. In terms of raw fan numbers, Ferrari tops the world with 55-million fans.

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