20 Genius Summer Lifehacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Summer is here and although it’s nearly gone, there is still time to learn a few hacks that will make the rest of the hot months more bearable. During this hottest time of the year, it’s important to learn ways of keeping cool and making life just a bit easier.

Lucky for you, we’ve found a great collection of summer life hacks that will do just that. From keeping you cool to helping you better organize for hot weather, you will be amazed at some of these ideas. All of them are things that you can easily do at home to make the summer better and if you don’t use them this summer, there is always next year.
Get a head start on next summer or add these hacks to your to-do list now. They’re all easy to pull off, really cheap and a great way to spend a couple of hours. Plus, they really will make life just a bit easier for you, which is what DIY is all about, right?

Beach Bag Towel Blanket

This is an amazing project for the summer. It’s actually a tote, towel, and blanket all in one. You can store loads of beach worthy items and accessories in it and it folds up nicely for easy carrying. What’s really great about it is that it doubles as a beach towel or blanket and when it’s folded up, it works as a little pillow as well. This really is the “everything you need for the beach” accessory and you can make it yourself really easily. No more toting multiple things to the beach. You just need this one bag and that’s it.

Instructions and Project Credit – Diy-enthusiasts
Beach Bag Towel Blanket

Keep Refrigerated Drinks in Place

If you tend to have trouble keeping those bottles or cans of drinks in the fridge from falling all over the place, you can use binder clips to keep them perfectly in place. Just clip the binder clip to your fridge shelf and it will keep those drinks from rolling. This not only helps you to avoid spills and other messes, it helps you to keep your fridge organized so that you have room for all of those deliciously cold summer treats that you may be making up. It’s also a really inexpensive fix. You can get binder clips for less than $1 each at the Dollar Store.

Instructions and Project Credit – Lifehacker

Keep Refrigerated Drinks in Place

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