27 Decorative Terra Cotta Crafts To Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

I’ve always loved terra cotta; the clay has such a distinctive natural reddish-orange color that really does make it look like it’s from the earth. In fact, the words ‘terra cotta’ literally translate to ‘baked earth’ in Italian. How fitting! Apart from being used in bricks or roofing, terra cotta is the major medium not only for plant pots but also for ancient sculptures (think ancient Greek figurines and the most famous of all, ancient China’s Terra Cotta Army). And this is why I started looking for projects that encompass both of those elements: I wanted something that celebrates the earthiness and visual appeal of terra cotta as a material.

Luckily, I managed to find quite a few good ones to share. Now I just need to decide which to make myself…

Plant Stand Candelabrum

Plant Stand Candelabrum

Keep your eyes open in the thrift shops or second-hand stores (or in your grandma’s attic) for any old plant stands that you can give a new life to. It’s amazing to see how a simple addition of a series of tea lights in small clay pots can make such a difference. Don’t worry if the stand is rusty – it’ll match the color of the terra cotta. Or if you’re not so much into that rustic look, just give it a good clean and paint makeover.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – JunkMarketStyle

Herb Marker

Herb MarkerIf you’re planning on starting your own herb garden, here’s a great way to give it that little something extra (and make use of any broken pots!). The cracked pot pieces not only help you quickly identify each plant, but they also help to keep the herbs separate and organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – HardlyHousewives

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