TOP 10 Things Every Backpacker Needs To Pack

#3 A pair of thongs (flip flops to the Poms, jandals to the Kiwis)

For Aussies, this is a staple wardrobe item but while travelling they are a must for more reasons than just comfy footwear. Thongs are the essential item to save your feet from hostel showers and dirty floors, plus they’re refreshing to slip on after a long hike in the Andes.

Just remember to explain to other travellers that you’re referring to footwear, not underwear, before you start yelling across the dorm for your thongs. If you have the space and are travelling for a while, think about packing two pairs to cope with the inevitable devastation of a blow out or loss after a night out. Havianas are hard to purchase overseas.

#4 First aid kit

Yes, we know we’re not your mum but you’ll thank us when you’re dealing with a severe case of Delhli-belly or suffering from a night of partying too hard and the pharmacies are closed or won’t let you have paracetamol without a prescription.

Make sure you stock up on the essential painkillers, bandaids, throat lozenges and vitamins to keep the dreaded travel lurgy at bay and definitely don’t forget your best mate, Immodium. Word of advice – keep this in your carry-on. You never know when you’ll need something.

#5 The 3 T’s – Tissues, Towelettes (wet wipes) and Toilet paper

Whether you’re heading to Asia, Europe or the Americas, these three things will keep you clean in every sense of the word while on the road. Tissues will save you from the death stares brought on by becoming the dreaded ‘Sniffler’ or may help as a makeshift wrap for that ‘second breakfast’ you leave the hostel with.

Towelettes are a great substitute for a shower when you’re stuck in transport or perfect for a quick washdown when you’re sweating up a storm in the Amazon or Sahara. They also act as bonus make up removal for the ladies. Toilet paper is your best friend. You never know when or where you’ll have to go and if you’re heading to South East Asia those squat toilets rarely (OK, never) have TP. Keep them close and cherish them. You’ll be the group fave when everyone runs out.

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