6 Of The World’s Most Epic Ski Vacations

If you do it right, a ski trip can be so much more than just skiing. Dogsledding, Michelin-starred meals, and polo matches on frozen lakes give those who loathe the thought of speeding down a steep hill in freezing temperatures tantalizing alternatives—and might coax the die-hard skiers off of the slopes. Whether in Japan or nestled in the Himalayas, these six far-flung destinations will convince even the most discerning of ski bunnies to hop an international flight, gear in tow.

gstaad palace

Gstaad Palace

SwitzerlandAn ultra-famous and storied ski resort, Gstaad Palace has played host to the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Madonna. It recently celebrated its 100th birthday and today still carries the same old-world charm thanks to its lavish interiors. It includes five restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, a private spa suite, and a hammam. Romantic horse-drawn carriage rides and daredevil paragliding tours are just two of the activities, other than skiing, that can be arranged by the hotel.

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