8 Essential Ski Hills Near Ottawa You Need To Go And Try

Ottawa may not have the Rockies, but that doesn’t mean this part of Canada is lacking in ski culture. Quite frankly, we’re anything but lacking.

The Ottawa Valley is surrounded by plenty of hills and we’re never (ever) short on snow, even if it came a bit too late last year. Mix the hills and snow together and what you have are plenty of small hills and resorts to satisfy any skier or snowboarders’ urge to hit the slopes. The Gatineau Hills are so close and Ottawa, for being such a major city, has an unprecedented proximity to this vastness of nature.

Let’s be real: It’s not even winter yet, but we’ve been dying for these hills to open up since the summer.Here are 8 spots we can’t wait to open up this winter:

1. Camp Fortune

Total runs: 20

Night skiing: Yes

Just a 15 minute drive from downtown Ottawa, this favourite in the Chelsea region of the Gatineau Hills offers practically everything for skiers and snowboarders of all backgrounds. The backside of the hill offers a number of intermediate and difficult (or should I say, “fun”) runs, whereas other sections of the area accommodate more leisurely runs. The snow is always groomed well and with so many different lifts you’ll never be waiting in a cue too long to get on the slopes.

2. Ski Vorlage

Total runs: 17

Night skiing: Yes

Located in gorgeous Wakefield, this compact ski hill offers a close-knit network of beautiful trails that can appease every boarder and skier. The fact that a majority of its runs are still operable during night skiing makes this gem worth coming back to year after year.

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