8 Essential Ski Hills Near Ottawa You Need To Go And Try

3. Mont Ste-Marie

Total runs: 20

Night skiing: No

A beautiful and dense resort that offers the highest elevation compared to most ski hills near Ottawa. At 1250 feet, it offers the highest vertical in the area and a range of runs that are both scenic and a exhilarating. The hill is located an hour from downtown Ottawa so maybe you could consider renting a beautiful chalet in the woods with some friends.

4. Mont Cascades

Total runs: 20

Night skiing: Yes

No, it’s not just a water park. Located 20 minutes from Ottawa, Mont Cascades offers one of the best snow parks in the region for the inner daredevil. The view from the top of the slopes here is also amazing, especially at night time.

5. Mont Tremblant

Total runs: 95

Night skiing: No

Two hours from Ottawa but wholeheartedly worth the trip. SKI Magazine considered Mont Tremblant the #1 ski resort in eastern North America. If that doesn’t say anything, nothing ever will. The ski village itself is idyllic and the amount of runs is rich. We may not have Whistler on this side of Canada, but we have Tremblant.

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