8 Essential Ski Hills Near Ottawa You Need To Go And Try

6. Edelweiss

Total runs: 20

Night skiing: Yes

Located in Wakefield, Edelweiss offers an extensive network of intermediate and beginner trails for those looking to hone the craft of boarding and skiing. Nonetheless, there’s always something here for the more experienced to enjoy. Plus, the snow park is widely praised as one of the best near Ottawa.

7. Calabogie Peaks Resort

Total runs: 29

Night skiing: No

Offering beautiful views of nearby Calabogie Lake, this resort west of Ottawa always has some of the best groomed snow and one of the best mixes of intermediate and beginner hills.

8. Mount Pakenham

Total runs: 10

Night skiing: Yes

A smaller hill located near the town of Pakenham, Mount Pakenham provides a good starting point for those learning how to ski or snowboard.

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