The Top 9 Big Wave Beaches to Surf in The World

There are beaches suitable for those who casually surf and like to ride waves without much drama, and then there are the beaches with waves that are so big it’s only right to call them extreme. Surfing in such waters is a dangerous thrill that the most daring expert surfers dream of. In no particular order, here are the top ten big wave beaches in the world.

1. Mullaghmore Head, Ireland

Big, fast, strong barrels can easily be found at Mullaghmore Head. It’s common to catch 20 to 25 foot waves here, and if you visit during March and happen to arrive during a Viking storm, you may be in for waves nearly twice the normal size — the largest recorded in the area was nearly 50 feet high. Mullaghmore Head also happens to be the site of Ireland’s first big wave surf contest, and it’s definitely one of the world’s best big wave beaches.

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