8 Of Our Must-See Moab Destinations

Even if you’ve never been to Moab, you’ve still likely seen some part of it if you’re friends with someone from Utah on Instagram. Its most notable icon is Delicate Arch, a big freestanding sandstone rainbow you probably recognize as either the arch people Photoshop themselves onto doing warrior pose at sunset or the more colorful of the two license plate options at the DMV.

There is a LOT to do in Moab besides seeing Delicate Arch, though. (And some major road construction in Arches National Park right now might even mean you save it for another trip and do everything else Moab has to offer this year.) The best way to get to know the place is to talk to veteran red-rockers about their favorite spots. We’ll get you started with 8 of our must-see Moab destinations.

. Colorado River

The Colorado River begins in the Rocky Mountains and continues through seven United States and two Mexican states before emptying into the Gulf of California, but we think the river’s prime stretches are in Utah. Take a rafting trip at least once in your life, whether you live in Utah or not. Seriously. And if you do live in Utah, don’t take one of the state’s greatest outdoor experiences for granted. River guides offer are half-, full-, and multi-day tours at varying levels of excitement. It’ll cost you more than, say, hiking, but it’s worth every penny and they’ll even feed you — pretty well in most cases.

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