7 Of The Most Amazing Places To Visit in Chile

Chile is an incredibly beautiful, diverse country, home to everything from the driest place on Earth to some of the most magnificent glaciers and wild landscapes you can imagine. To experience the best it has to offer, put these places on your itinerary.

Atacama Desert, Chile

One of the driest places on Earth, the Atacama Desert is so harsh that humans are unable to inhabit it permanently, though the extremely harsh climate is what draws so many scientists and adventurers who are fascinated with this very unique destination. Astronomers come for its almost always cloud-free skies, with the dry air resulting in few distortions from atmosphere vapors. As such, there are a few observatories here like ALMA, the world’s largest radio telescope. The best way to explore it is with a local tour company or an all-inclusive hotel that offers tours, like Tierra Atacama and Explora. Some of the options include visiting Calle de la Luna, the “Valley of the Moon” where massive sand dunes and stone formations mimic the moon’s surface, driving across a salt lake and watching gushing geysers. Atacama is also one of the best places on the planet to watch the sun go down, with low light heightening the textures and deepening the fiery red, yellow, green and even blue shades.

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