Top 8 The Best Hiking Trails in Arizona

There tons of great reasons to visit Arizona – the weather, the scenery, and the wide open spaces. But one of the best ways to explore all of that is to simply pull on some sturdy boots and go for a hike! Arizona hiking conjures up images of vast, desert landscapes, but there’s actually a lot of diversity in this large southwestern state.

Whether you’re looking to just get a little exercise, keep the kids entertained, or set out on a multi-day backpacking trek, Arizona’s wilderness has lots to offer. It’s hard to narrow down the list of amazing hiking areas and trails in the state down to just 10. But here’s a sampling of what you can experience on your own two feet when you set out on a hiking adventure in Arizona.

Flat Iron Trail, Superstitions Mountains and the Lost Dutchman State Park


Another incredible hiking area in Arizona is the Lost Dutchmen State Park, and this is where you’ll find the Superstitions Mountains. These mountains have a golden beauty, and the saguaro cacti add to the mysterious stories that this wilderness area has. The Siphon Draw Trailhead is a good place to start if you want to check out the Flat Iron Trail. The trail is pretty well used and isn’t hard to follow if you’re paying attention. Once you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with a view of a rock outcropping called the Flat Iron. It’s huge, and you can get some lovely views from here. Trails in Lost Dutchman State Park are the Treasure Loop Trail (2.4 miles), Prospector’s View Trail (0.7 miles), Jacob’s Crosscut Trail (0.8 miles), Siphon Draw Trail (4 miles), and the Discovery Trail that connects the campground and day-use areas.

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