Top 10 Best Festivals and Events in Europe

Take Carnival: these celebrations take place all over the world, but only Venice’s Carnival features grand masquerade balls. Christmas Markets are now held in many places, but they have their origins in Germany, France and Austria. And while you can attend beer festivals in nearly every country in Europe, nothing is quite like Oktoberfest.

1. Carnival, Venice, Italy (February/March)

What comes in mind when you think of Venice? Gondolas, for sure, and the gorgeous costumes the city is flooded with each year during the Carnival.

The Carnival of Venice is the most famous Carnival in Europe thanks to its distinctive masks, although similar events take place all over the continent. Since the Carnival is directly linked to Easter (which is a movable holiday), the exact dates change every year. Carnival runs for the two weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday and is meant for Christians to indulge before Lent.

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