Top 10 Best Festivals and Events in Europe


2. Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland (August)

Edinburgh International Festival takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland each year for three weeks around the middle of August. It is a festival of performing arts in which artists from all over the world perform music, dance, theatre, and opera. The festival began in 1947, and since 1999 it has moved to a permanent home: The Hub located close to Edinburgh Castle.

Also during August, tourists can watch the magnificent Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo performed by the British Armed Forces and international military bands. Military Tattoo is part of the Edinburgh Festival and takes place within the Castle. You need to purchase tickets for both the shows during the Edinburgh Festival and the Military Tattoo.

The Fringe was also established in 1947 as an alternative to the Edinburgh Festival. It also takes place in August and showcases mostly comedy and theatre, although music and dance performances are also present. Many modern works are presented during the Fringe. Venues come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from historic castles to university rooms and even public toilets. The Fringe introduced the concept of free entry shows.

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