10 Cars That Left Us Too Soon (And 10 That Couldn’t Disappear Fast Enough)

It’s all too often that automakers remove beloved models from their lineups, never to be seen again, at least not in the same form. Even when the vehicle in question has a dedicated and loyal following, its future isn’t guaranteed. Discontinuation or replacement will likely take away every nice car sooner or later unless it’s an ultra-popular mainstay like the Porsche 911 or the Jeep Wrangler. Even then, these cars may receive a less than favorable makeover at some point. Given how the automotive world is now dominated by flabby crossovers, it’s always heartbreaking to see a good sports car or off-roader disappear with no acceptable replacement.

While some excellent vehicles get discarded unceremoniously, other less interesting cars remain in production for way too many years. It seems like the blandest, most outdated, and least fun models manage to stay around the longest. Perhaps, it’s because these vehicles tend to be cheap and can generate decent sales figures as a result. Considering how obsolete some cars can get after just a few years, it’s difficult to imagine why consumers would continue to buy a car that’s so far behind the curve. Regardless of negative press or scathing remarks from the automotive community, such offerings continue well after they’re relevant, assuming they ever were. Here are 10 cars that deserved a longer production run and 10 models that should’ve gotten the ax sooner.


When it comes to road-legal rally machines, there are two modern vehicles that come to mind: the Subaru WRX and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

While the Evo did have a strong production run, offering turbocharged, four-wheel-drive performance since the ‘90s, it’s a shame that it left us in 2015.

It’s particularly unfortunate, considering the competition that has entered the Evo’s segment. The Focus RS, the Golf R, and the Civic Type R are all now strong offerings that go toe to toe with the WRX. While Mitsubishi has teased a new e-EVOLUTION concept, its crossover body won’t win over the original car’s fan base.

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