10 Most Forgotten and Obscured Supercars Ever Produced

Yamaha OX99-11

Yamaha is one of the most versatile Japanese companies. They have their fingers in many spheres of life, producing high quality motorcycles, guitars, keyboards, electronics, and occasional car in the process. When they started supplying engines for Formula 1 in 1989, Japanese used that momentum in order to develop their own supercar. A supercar that would be powered by the same 3.5L V12 OX99 engine found in Zakspeed and Brabham  F1 cars. International Automotive Design was supposed to be behind the supercar’s design, but British only supplied three cars by 1992. IAD and Yamaha relationship wasn’t really made in heaven, so Japanese decided to continue with in-house development from there, in order to cut down the costs.

Yamaha’s Ypsilon Technology, however, wasn’t able to meet the 6 month deadline and the project was delayed. With Japan in financial crisis at the time, OX99-11 was finally cancelled in 1994. Final number of completed cars remained at three (built by IAD). Blue, red and yellow prototype, all developed 400 horsepower and featured unorthodox design. 1+1 seater only had one canopy door and cockpit style roof. But it was fast as hell. Yamaha OX99-11 maxed out at 217 mph while hitting 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. It’s still doing that in parallel universe where Yamaha actually proceeded marketing their $1 million offspring.

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