10 Most Forgotten and Obscured Supercars Ever Produced

Monteverdi Hai 450 SS

If you think you’ve seen it all, here’s the Mopar-powered supercar you’ve probably never heard about. 1970 Monteverdi Hai 450 SS was designed in true supercar fashion and sports mid engine layout. This position is occupied by none other than iconic 426ci Hemi Elephant V8. Name was derived from German word for shark (hai) and supercar’s total power output of 450 metric horsepower. This Swiss masterpiece stood shoulder to shoulder with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis of its time. Former Ferrari employee Peter Monteverdi, however, failed to market the car in the end. After completing another specimen with slightly longer wheelbase and 440ci Super Commando V8 – 1973 Monteverdi Hai 450 GTS – boutique automaker ceased further production. Two additional cars would be built from spare parts in early nineties, and currently reside in the official Monteverdi Museum in Basel-Binningen, alongside the GTS.

First Hai 450 SS, however, was sold at one point in 1971. Back then, Monteverdi put the $27,000 sticker on it and supercar changed hands multiple times before finally being restored to its original “Purple Smoke” condition. It was eventually sold again for $577,000 in 2012. Although precious few of us are in possession of that kind of spare cash, that was actually a bargain. For a car that used to cost as much as 7 Hemi ‘Cudas back in the day, being sold for much less than what one rare ‘Cuda is worth today has to be considered a bargain. Plus, it’s practically a one-off.

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