10 People Who Ruined Their Supercars (And 11 Who Showed Some Respect)

Driving a supercar allows you to experience many privileges that most men who love cars can only dream about experiencing. The blistering speeds that supercars grant, along with the feeling of being the talk of the town, are not what drivers of Fords and Toyotas experience. Driving a supercar is the best way to get attention as you cruise around town. Women love a man who drives a supercar as it communicates to them that you are a successful person who appreciates the finer things in life, much like them.

Apart from the great performance and masculinity that is inherent in supercars, most drivers buy these cars for the aesthetics. Supercars are visually appealing as their designs are usually different from most other vehicles on the road. Most supercar owners are thrilled with the exterior of their vehicle while others want to accentuate the car’s beauty. The supercar owners who want to improve the appearance of their vehicles wrap them with the best vinyl while owners who want to ruin their vehicles add eccentric parts to them or use odd choices of vinyl. To find out which supercar owners have respect for their vehicles and the ones who do not deserve to possess such majestic machines, we drove on the streets, peaked in garages and scoured the market for 10 people who ruined their vehicles, and 11 owners who showed respect.


The German manufacturer Porsche produced the 912 model from 1965 to 1969 and the 912 E model in 1976. The car is capable of achieving 30 miles per gallon fuel economy.

What could be better than owning a classic supercar that has great fuel economy?

It seems that the owner of this vehicle could not think of a reason to keep the spectacular 912 and decided to let it rust. While most of us dream of owning a Porsche, others are prepared to abandon the magnificent vehicles and let them rust.

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