13 Sleek, Slick, Smart, Sexy, Scary, and Screaming Supercars

Most people can be noble and drive a nice hybrid or an electric car to help save the planet and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, but underneath it all, we all wish we could have a supercar. Even if we could only take it out for a joyride a few times a year, there’s something about a loud, ridiculously fast, wasteful, flame-spitting speedster that everyone can enjoy.

A Brief History of Supercars

Sporting vehicles became popular in the 1940’s, bringing about cars that prized handling and speed over safety, reliability, and practicality. These vehicles were built for both road driving and motorsport competitions. Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, and Jaguar were the early adopters of these high-performance machines.

While sports cars might have begun in the 1940’s, those vehicles were relatively tame by today’s standards. Top speeds of 160+ and 0-60 times of under 6 seconds made them quick, but it’s hard to say they were the first supercars.

By the 1950’s and ‘60’s, many big brands were trying to get supercars out there. Mercedes 300SL ‘Gull Wing’, the first Corvette from Chevy, and later the DB4GT Zagato from Aston Martin along with the 400 Superamerica from Ferrari all are in the running for first supercar. In 1965 it was the now laughable Ford company who changed the game with the GT40. Along with the 350GT by Lamborghini and the AC Cobra 427, these were inarguably the first generation of true supercars.


To be a supercar in the deadly fast modern world, it doesn’t take much. All you need is superb handling, an engine that can push enough hp to reach about 200 mph, a low profile, and a price tag that will give you a nosebleed. If you’re looking for the best around, gander at these 13 heart-attack-inducing supercars.

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