5 Electric Cars That Never Made It

The electric car is not a new concept. More than 100 years before the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf began sucking down electrons, the first electric cars were vying for road space against horse-drawn carriages.

There has been a wide variety of electric cars produced over the last century, however most of them never made it to mass production. Here’s our list of the top 5 electric cars that didn’t make the cut.

Chevy S-10 EV

Who says pickup trucks are just for cowboys in Texas? In 1997, GM released an electric version of its compact S-10 pickup truck that would be more at home in Silicon Valley than on the ranch. The first generation version had a lead acid battery that delivered roughly 40 miles of range. In 1998, the option of a nickel-metal hydride battery that doubled the truck’s range was offered. GM pulled the plug (pun intended) on the S-10 EV in 1998.


Fisker Karma

While not a purely electric vehicle, the Fisker Karma was a plug-in hybrid capable of operating solely on battery juice. It featured two electric motors and a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine producing a combined 403 horsepower, as well as an appearance that would make most Ferraris look dull.

The Fisker has even been the star of a celebrity crash: In 2013, Guitarist Carlos Santana made the news when he totaled his Fisker Karma in Las Vegas after falling asleep at the wheel. Despite its good looks and fame, the Fisker was plagued by electrical gremlins and reliability issues, and was subsequently discontinued after just a couple years of production.


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