The 11 Fastest Electric Vehicles in the World

EVs are becoming some of the quickest vehicles around, as electric motors develop full torque instantaneously. Let’s see what these motors are capable of.

Tesla Roadster S

Although the Tesla Roadster is considered the company’s first car, there wasn’t much Tesla and a whole lot of Lotus to it. The cars were delivered to Tesla with everything needed for a fully-operational car except for the engine/transmission (which came from Toyota). Tesla would then hand install the batteries, electric motor, and transmission. So while it didn’t have dearly the Tesla engineering of a Model S or Model X, it did show the wold that an EV didn’t need to stick to the right lane of the freeway. In fact, the Roadster was capable of hitting 60 in an impressive 3.7 seconds. While the Roadster was eliminated as focus shifted to the Model S, Elon Musk has announced that a next-generation Roadster will be launched in 2019, with a range of 400 miles, and 2.5-ish 0 to 60 times.

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport; top car design rating and specifications

Detroit Electric SP:01

Detroit Electric produced 13,000  electric cars between 1907 and 1939 in Detroit, Michigan. The brand was revived in 2008 to produce modern EVs by Detroit Electric Holding Ltd. of the Netherlands. Like the Tesla Roadster before it, the Detroit Electric SP:01 will utilize an Elise chassis as the basis for its EV sports cars. Production has been delayed while DE secured a assembly facility (assuming this to mean a contract manufacturer), which is now in the place in England. Zero to 60 miles per hour is quoted as 3.7 seconds, the same as the Tesla Roadster (though you can expect that to drop by launch time). Original starting price was set at $135,000 back in 2013. Expect that to rise when the first production cars roll off the line.


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