The Top 15 Least Wanted Cars In America

Even in the wake of the flourishing market conditions, car buyers are running for their heels regarding many cars that you can come across in dealer lots. In particular, 25 models are experiencing low volumes or mentionable sales declines attributed to their dying popularity.

Toyota Avalon

It’s hard to come across a car that outlasts the Toyota Avalon. This full-size sedan has a huge number of spectacular models in its line that have hit the 200,000-mile mark and still keep on going. This, however, does very little for the sales bit. By February 2017, only 2,610 units of the Avalon had been sold which translates to a 34% drop compared to 2016. Avalon is currently holding the 112th position on the sales charts.

Jeep Patriot

Consumer Reports’ findings stated that between the year of 2014 and 2017, buyers of the Jeep Patriot were regretting their decision of buying the vehicle with many of them citing reliability issues as being the main problem. Jeep is scheduled to replace the Patriot with the brand new Compass and this might just be the solution for the future. Until the era of the Compass comes, the Jeep Patriot continues to take hits on sales. Its sales were split in the middle just between last year and early this year.

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