This Amazing Chevrolet Camaro Is A Muscle Car With Off-Road Character And Sports Car Appeal

Warning: The article you’re about to read contains some of the worst renderings and photoshop jobs we’ve ever seen. Please approach this piece with an open mind and don’t judge the mock-ups so harshly that you miss how cool this could actually be. The world needs an off-road Camaro, and this is what we’ve got right now, so just go with it.

This may be one of the most ambitious off-road muscle car builds we’ve ever seen. This is precisely what happens when a bunch of crazy enthusiastic Germans, probably at least slightly inebriated, round up some Euros, acquire a Camaro, and start thinking of ways to make it even better! The conclusion they came to was that the Camaro needed more off-road/Mad Max/crossover stylings, so that’s exactly what was rendered. Unfortunately, the car has not actually been built, but we appreciate the design study nonetheless.

True, only these renderings exist and no one actually built the car yet, but the team behind it is looking to produce and market something like this. The pictures released are definitely some market researching/free promotion thing all the car enthusiasts will most certainly like. German tuner Rüffer Performance, which, according to their website, is really into American muscle cars, designed this special aftermarket package which undoubtedly takes the prospect of a muscle car to an area never explored before.

Just by looking at the released pictures, one will notice that this off-road Camaro has been lifted by a few inches, slapped with some gargantuan off-road tires, an exposed blower, a massive body kit consisting of some fender flares, skid plates, a large wing, some roof-mounted trail lights, and what appears to be a full roll cage. Honestly, this reminds us way less of a rock-crawling Jeep and more of something more balls-to-the-wall like the Local Motors Rally Fighter. Maybe not everyone thinks of a particular vision when considering an off-road muscle car, but we’re pretty cool with this design.

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