Let’s face it, everyone knows skiing is better than snowboarding. There really is no competition, skiing has been around longer and skiers just got it right from the get go. Need proof?

No Waiting

When a group of skiers gets off a chairlift, they maybe adjust one or two things, put on their pole straps and go. When you’ve got a snowboarder with you or a group of snowboarders, it’s just a waiting game. They have to drag their boards over to the slope, sit down, strap into their bindings, and get back up. This seriously cuts down on riding time, not to mention having to wait around in the cold at the top of a windy mountain. Pass.

Less Violent Falls

Stereotypical Skier

Look, I’m not saying skiing falls can’t be horrendous. I’m just saying that when a skier falls, their ski gear comes off and it’s over. When a snowboarder falls, it’s flipping down the hill still strapped onto a board that slams you front to back to front to back and so on. Not to mention the amount of broken wrists in snowboarders, no thank you.

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