T-Bars and Tow Ropes

Do I even need to explain this one? T bars and roughly impossible for snowboarders unless they want to just hang on for dear life, but they’re pretty natural for skiers. And tow ropes for a snowboarder is just a guaranteed way to fall over and get run down by the people behind you. Don’t be that guy. For a skier it’s just a grab and go.

Cat Tracks

Cat tracks can be found at almost any resort as a way to get around the mountain to the runs you really want to be on, or to get back to the lodge and base. On skis cat tracks are pleasant trips that are almost the scenery and sightseeing excursions with little to no effort involved. Cat tracks for snowboarders are the worst, if they can even make it through them. They often turn into hopping fests, or snowboarders reaching out for poles from skiers to drag them along.  You’re welcome.

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