2. Always Safety First

When you watch cross-country skiing on television, it probably doesn’t look particularly dangerous. There are no steep mountain faces to fall off, you aren’t hustling across rapidly melting ice and there are no other athletes trying to knock you down.

However, when you first learn to cross-country ski, you’ll soon realize that this relatively tame sport still has its share of dangers. Since you are outside, the weather is always a factor, and can quickly become an issue if you aren’t properly dressed. It’s also important to never cross-country ski for long distances alone because something as simple as a turned ankle or twisted knee can end up with you being stranded in frigid temperatures.

Also, take the time to ensure the trails you are skiing on are properly groomed. The snow must be densely packed so you can learn without the fear of sinking down in deeper snow, or exhausting yourself before you build up some momentum. Properly groomed trails will allow you to relax, have fun, avoid injury and glide on your skis easier as you get comfortable.

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