5 Most Glamorous Ski Resorts In Europe

There are flagship stores here for most of the world’s leading brands in fashion, jewelry and sporting goods.


Of course I jest, there are commodities to be had for ordinary folk and it’s possible to survive on a low budget but when you’ve seen George Clooney in the checkout at Migros, bumped into Cher and her entourage on the ski lift and knocked over David Beckham’s pint in the English Pub, you have to pinch yourself. People watching is a fascinating sport here and once you’ve drowned out the sound of helicopters darting here and there, with their precious cargo of the mega rich, you might reflect that next year you’ll book two weeks somewhere less exclusive.


It would be fair to say that Zermatt owes it’s fame and fortune to a randomly shaped lump of rock, fashioned by the shift of tectonic plates in the earths crust long before skiing was invented. Yes, the iconic Matterhorn.


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