5 Most Glamorous Ski Resorts In Europe

It’s phallic shape has fascinated humans down the ages, it’s possible to believe that early homo sapiens offered up sacrifices, in awe of it’s majesty and uncompromising nature. Like a sentinel keeping watch over the valley below it had stood for eons, unconquered, until curiosity and adventurousness got the better of English explorer and mountaineer Edward Whymper in 1865. That opened the flood gates and like the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, the Matterhorn is to Zermatt. There are more photos of the Matterhorn than there are stars in the universe, to paraphrase the famous quote, the bulk of them will have been taken by the Japanese who flock here every year.


Does this make Zermatt glamourous, possibly not. But there’s no denying, it has brought huge wealth to the resort and where’s there’s affluence it’s usually accompanied by opulence and there’s plenty of the latter in Zermatt.

It’s probably just as well Zermatt is car free, the traffic jams in its narrow streets would be horrendous, but the wealth would be more obvious as you can bet the line of cars would be populated with top of the range everythings. So, for me Zermatt makes it into the top five of Europe’s most glamorous ski resorts.

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