The Absolute Best Ski Destinations on Each Continent


European skiers also have a blessing of riches when it comes to great ski resorts, most of which can be found in the Alps of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Perhaps the very best of all is St. Moritz, which is amongst the oldest winter resort destinations on the planet. The region is famous for its spectacular powder and impressive vertical drops that can send skiers plummeting down more than 5000 feet on some of the trails. St. Mortiz has been a favorite ski area for Europeans since the 19th century, and for good reason. It is simply put, one of the best places to go skiing in the entire world.


The popularity of skiing is on the rise in Asia, with South Korea already offering some great options, while countries like China and Mongolia are starting to cater to the needs of skiers too. But the very best skiing is found in Japan, which has a thriving ski and snowboard culture that draws plenty of visitors each year. Nieseko Hirafu takes top honors thanks to its over abundance of fresh snow and stunning scenery. There are options to ski both on and off piste, and an opportunity for night skiing, which is always popular. And after you’ve left the slopes at the end of the day, there is a thriving nightlife to keep the party going well into the evening.

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