This year the snowfall in Michigan is off to a great start, boasting a deeper snowpack than many resorts in Colorado and Utah. Michigan skiers can also take advantage of what is called the White Gold Card. For $269, the White Gold Card gives you a one-day lift ticket at every ski resort in the state. You also get a few extra goodies included, like a free ski tune, a free ski wax and a discounted coupon off of a $100 purchase. These are available at participating ski shops in the Fall, most notably Summit Sports and Don Thomas Sporthaus. It’s not so bad being a skier in Michigan, eh?

The Birthplace of Organized Skiing

It is a little known fact that tucked away in the tiny city of Ishpeming, Michigan sits the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. It’s only fitting that Ishpeming houses the Hall, as it was where the creation of the National Skiing Association, the first national ski organization, took place. The Hall honors skiers and snowboarders who have had a major influence on our beloved sport.

Immortalized in the Hall of Fame are star skiers like Jonny Mosley, Nelson Carmichael, William (Bill) Johnson and Daron Rahlves due to their gold-medal-winning and World Cup performances, as well as those who helped grow the sport and make it what it is today such as Dick Dorworth, Alf Engen and Warren Miller.

Let’s Check Out the Top 10

Are you convinced yet that Michigan is a great ski spot? Here are 10 Michigan ski resorts that showcase the awesome skiing this state has to offer (in no particular order):

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