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Skiing or snowboarding doesn’t always have to come with the risk of frostbite. There are some locations where you can brave the slopes before swiftly returning to a tropical (or at least an above average) climate.

You see, you don’t always need snow to go skiing or snowboarding – you can do it on sandy and stony slopes just as well. Here are a few places to try it.


When it comes to a ski trip, destinations like Austria or the Alps tend to come to mind, not Namibia.

In the Namib desert there are some of the largest sand dunes in the world, and with the dunes come amazing runs for you to board or ski down. It may not be cool and frosty but temperatures don’t get as high as you might think, and the ocean winds mean the landscape for skiing changes each week. You can hire equipment and guidance to ski the dunes from June through to November.

Namibia Namib desert sand dunes

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