Well, in the spring that is just not something to worry about. Spring skiing means putting on your base layer and a shell, or maybe even just a hoodie. It means no balaclava or neck warmer, no doubling up on socks, and that sunscreen has now become an essential for getting ready for the day. Most importantly, it means being warm, fewer breaks to shake off the chill, and more turns for you.

3. The Snow

Spring Skiing

The snow in the spring offers both a lot of challenges and a lot of freedom. Many call it hero snow, that’s because it’s softer. Not softer like powder, but softer like mashed potatoes. This soft snow can give you that little bit of extra confidence to push the envelope. It’s easy for beginners to more advanced skiers to take more chances and have some fun throwing the snow at the friends and family by ripping off an extra tight turn or by throwing your tails out from under you. In the spring, you can up your steez level by trying something new or maybe going a little bigger than normal because you’re going to land in the soft stuff instead of on the hard pack.

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