14 Green Kitchens You’re About To Envy Hard

I know, I know — a green kitchen sounds insane (and maybe conjures memories of your aunt’s dated avocado one), but the color can be seriously cool. Bring the outdoors in with a vibrant kitchen that’ll make you look forward to rolling up your sleeves and cooking. Maybe even doing dishes, too. From pale mint to emerald, these shades will inspire you to take your house green.

Green Rug


Here’s you fake a green kitchen without actually having a green kitchen —paint your breakfast nook green, then tie everything together with a green rug and green plants inside the kitch.

Green Cabinets

mint green kitchen with farmhouse table

Traditional Shaker-style cabinets in a farmhouse kitchen feel fresh thanks to a couple coats of blue-green paint. They stand out when paired with white walls but not so much that it’s jarring.

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